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Resilient Leaders Aren't Born; They're Trained

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do

20 years ago I joined the military. I wanted the life of adventure, and a life of service to others. 

It’s the life where I became fascinated by peak performance and the leadership of high performance teams.  Why do some teams achieve the impossible and others miss the mark?

Does leadership really make a difference? 

The right leadership can save the rhinos. That’s right, I’m the British woman that trains the Black Mambas, the world’s first all female anti poaching unit. 

The right leadership makes all the difference to your company. 

How Do You Work For A Toxic Boss And Still Love Your Job?

Leaders with sociopathic tendencies? Always leaving everything to the last minute? Asking you to attend irrelevant things rather than doing the things you should? Yes, their toxic ways can lead you into burnout and thinking it’s all your fault.

Is there a way around them?

Can you work and thrive under a toxic boss? Is there a way to be a resilient leader and thrive in difficult environments?

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