Are You The Strongest CEO in the Room?

Invest in brain space to be the ‘intellectual juggernaut’ – and strongest CEO in the room

 I have just spent the last few weeks in India, carrying out business reviews and growth discussions with several companies that are seeking to be Gazelles or break the $billion Unicorn threshold.  Here’s what I’m learning.  The top CEOs are intellectual juggernauts.  They come into their meetings laser-focused on their intended outcomes.  Once they are geared up, no one can stand in their way.

How do they get there? The answer is by taking their brain to a place where they’re completely focused.  Some never skip morning meditation, others refuse to schedule meetings that would interrupt their daily walk, and some simply take time out of their day to give themselves the space to gain clarity of thought.  By investing in this ‘brain space’, they become super clear on the direction of what they’re trying to achieve – and nothing can stop them from reaching their goal.

Rescheduling meetings to meditate and become laser focussed

I suggested an early morning meeting with one of the CEOs. He paused for a moment and told me: ‘I could, but that is my meditation time – which I try and keep sacrosanct’.

We were going to be discussing the content of a big contract that morning, so it was a bold call not to go through the details prior to meeting the client.  Yet as soon as the meeting started, it was obvious that the CEO was a highly successful man for a reason.  The laser-sharp focus that he had got from an hour spent clearing his mind and channeling the energy into his desired outcome meant he was taking no prisoners: the other party agreed to all of his terms and conditions almost instantly.

Researchers from the University of Waterloo found that meditation and mindfulness improves brain function.  25 minutes a day elevated participants’ cognitive functions, improved their goal-focus direction and increased their ability to control their knee-jerk emotional responses – all great for business.

By investing time in gaining clarity of thought, you’re setting yourself up for success.  Refocus on your key goals and you will be the intellectual juggernaut who walks into meetings and succeeds because of their clarity.

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