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Leadership & Management Apprenticeship Levy Programme

Leadership and management training isn't just for the Gen Z in your organisation. 

The Apprenticeship Levy Scheme can be utilised for leadership training for your middle managers and mentoring for your CEOs.

Our team of Leadership & Management Apprenticeship Levy trainers will help you get the maximum from your  Apprenticeship Levy

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Leadership & Management Apprenticeship Levy services include 

Millennial Growth

Training your future leaders today

Our experienced trainers will help your companies Millennials become the leaders of tomorrow. 

Middle Manager Growth

Development and training

For those that are on the management ladder. Leadership & Management Apprenticeship Levy will help them become confident in their leadership skills.

C-Suite Seminars

Mentoring for those at the top

Ensuring your vision is fully delivered throughout your business and ensuring your legacy is one of growth. 

FAQs: Apprenticeship Levy

Is my company eligible for the Apprenticeship Levy?

Companies with a payroll of £3 million annually are eligible. You'll be making levy payments. Now is the time to access these and upskill your teams.

Will you lose your Apprenticeship Levy?

From April 19, the Government will start taking the unspent levy payments as a tax, so let us help you make the most of your levy payments and start up-skilling your teams now:)

Do I have to use Apprenticeship Levy?

Yes! You can't save it for a rainy day. With Brexit and other business uncertainties, upskilling your staff and boosting morale is a great use of your Apprenticeship Levy. Book a call and talk through your options. 

Why do I have to talk to someone about the Apprenticeship Levy?

There are many misconceptions about the Apprenticeship Levy. By scheduling a call you'll get tailored advice to your organisation's situation. You'll find out more about what you can access and how to get the process started. 

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