Looking after yourself isn’t selfish – it’s good business sense

Every decision you make will have a second and third order effect. For large decisions that are going to affect your business, you want them to be well thought through, informed and rational. Here’s the thing – you are highly unlikely to make these kinds of decisions if you are sleep deprived, your blood sugar is low and you’re physically out of shape. Essentially, you are robbing from your own body to feed the business machine, and so you aren’t able to provide your best performance.

Mens sana in corpore sano – or a healthy mind in a healthy body

If you want your business to be a Gazelle (x10 growth a year) or a Unicorn ($Billion start-up), you need to put yourself first.  If you are on a plane, and the oxygen mask comes down, you put your own on first, or you can’t help anyone else – and that is the same with maintaining your body and mind, too.

By looking after your own mental and physical wellbeing by eating properly, getting enough sleep and building regular exercise into their daily routine, you are putting your team first. You can’t serve anyone properly if you are sick or mentally exhausted.

Even if you’ve chosen the coffee pot over forty winks for the last ten years, you’re a sugar fiend and you’ve lost your running shoes, it’s not too late to tweak your own routine – just start today. It’s like the Kaizen theory: a little bit of improvement in every area of your life and business will have great effects.

If we’re thinking of it like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you’re investing in the ‘foundation blocks’ that will enable you to reach self-actualisation (the top rung). Without these, your decision-making and emotional responses will suffer. You’ll be like a castle built from a pack of cards: if there’s a strong wind or period of heavy stress, the tower will fall.  Let’s make sure that that doesn’t happen.

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