Orca Retreat

Norwegian Resilience Retreat 2019: Your Best Year Ever

Take in the northern lights, experience whale watching and swim with orcas.

Once you’ve done this, you can Achieve anything. 29th November – 4th December 2019


Live Fearlessly in 2019

2019 will be your best year so far – if you choose it to be.

Join me in Norway and swim with the Orcas. You’ll experience the most profound experience and what’s more you’ll leave feeling faster, stronger and more resilient than ever before!

The Northern Lights

Why Norway? Why Orcas?

The Arctic Circle is one of the most remote places on the planet. Yet life thrives. Fjords packed with herring attract the Orcas and whales, and the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) dance in the sky overhead.Tromso, Norway is an area of profound natural beauty. You’ll feel immediate peace and tranquility here.

Reconnect with who you are

A retreat means taking a step back. You’ll take a step back into nature, and swim with Orcas, participate in whale-watching and look out for sea eagles . You’ll have time to gain clarity and think without feeling guilty about “wasting time”, you’ll find you are your most creative and most fulfilled. You’ll have space to reflect on life, and how you reacted in the past. You gain heightened awareness and become a stronger leader. You’ll experience swimming with Orcas, and the natural beauty of Norway and after 4 days your leadership presence will be incredible.

‘I wanted to thank you again because I couldn’t wait to start working on my personal goals and in these past few days I absorbed all the things we discussed during our session. I’m so happy that I have a clear picture of what I need to do for my personal and professional achievement. So thank you thank you thank you again

Previous Retreat Attendee

Fly out to Tromso

We’ll meet in Tromso and then start the iconic ferry journey through the Fjords that will be our home for the next few days.

Look Up At The Sky

The Aurora Borealis are a natural phenomena: the gateway to the Norwegian Gods. Watching the electronically charged particles enter the atmosphere and ‘dance’ overhead is a magical experience.

Swim With Orcas

Daily boat trip to seek out the Orcas and whales (weather permitting). You will be gently lowered into the water with the Orcas.  See the majestic beauty of these creatures closer than you’ve ever imagined and feel that you can do anything. Because after this experience you can.

Your Accomadation

A 5 bedroom house situated on the Norwegian island of Segvlik. Warm up in the sauna, reinvigorate in the freshwatershower and enjoy the sea bath and relaxing jacuzzi with views over the picturesque fjord and Kvaenangen Mountains.Meals are prepared by our French hosts in a professional kitchen which includes a smokery chamber.Perfectly located for Northern Lights and whale watching – often orcas can be seen from the window!

Kit & Clothing

It goes without saying you’ll need to bring warm clothing for your retreat. Temperatures are often zero and below. Thermals. hats, gloves and scarves are a must.

Winter boots should be waterproof, warm and comfortable.

You will be provided with a dry/wet suit, fins and mask for swimming with the Orcas. Bring warm windproof clothing, and a dry bag for storing your electronics on the boat is highly recommended.

Leadership Sessions

​Each day we’ll gather for an hour and you’ll experience world-class resilience training.

You’ll also have a 1-2-1 session with retreat leader Alice Bromage.

​The retreat covers 4 elements –

  • Clarity of Direction
  • Unity of Purpose
  • Awareness
  • ​Leadership Presence

This Resilience Retreat Isn’t Just About Nature

It’s about you and recharging your energy and tapping into your own resources. Working on 4 elements: Clarity of Direction / Unity of Purpose/  Awareness / Leadership Presence, you’ll find you’ve never been more focused and more aware of your capabilities. You’ll also have a 1-2-1 session with retreat leader, Alice Bromage, where you’ll focus your intentions, become a more resilient leader. If it’s good enough for Thor, it’s good enough for us.

Your Resilience Journey Starts Now!

The days are short and filled with Arctic light, there will still be time to barbeque on the beach, explore the Norwegian fish industry and focus on you. Your group will be no more than 8 people, and you’ll find that the clarity this retreat brings you is priceless. 



Who is this for?

Those that want to develop their own personal and professional resilience, and leadership – spending four days having an experience of a life time that will stretch you mentally and physically – whilst then receiving 1-2-1 coaching to develop you individually in each of the elements of resilient leadership; clarity of direction, resilient decision making, awareness, and leadership presence.


How medically fit do I need to be?

Swimming with the orcas is done out of your own choice – no one will shout at you to get in the water – this activity is done as a voluntary act – and is an experience of a lifetime for those that want to embrace the opportunity to swim with one of the most majestic of creatures – the orcas and hump back whales. Please check with your doctor that you are fit to go in cold water, climb on and off an inflatable boat, and do not have any back, joint issues or anything else that may be effected by being out on the water in a Zodiac Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIP) each day. You will be staying in a remote hamlet, so there is not regular access to medical facilities except in extremis where you can be evacuated – your travel insurance must cover this.


Travel Insurance

all individuals must have their own travel insurance that covers swimming in open water, and going whale watching on a Rigid Inflatable Boat. The full details of the boat, Valhallah, can be found on the Valhallah Orca Expeditions website. The boat captain is fully qualified.


Travel Arrangements

Please book flights so that you can be ready to meet in Tromso on Fri 29th Nov at 1500hrs. It can take up to 1.5hrs to clear customs, and get luggage in Tromso, so please leave plenty of time. The taxi trip is approximately 15 minutes from the airport, and meeting arrangements will be arranged directly with each individual.

We will arrive back into Tromso at approximately 2330hrs on Tues 3rd Dec, and then stay the night in Tromso. You will be free to disburse as you wish first thing Wed 4th – so you can stay in Tromso, travel to another part of Norway, or head home – as suites your diary.


What do I need to take with me?

  • ​You will need swim kit, warm comfortable clothing and a sense of adventure. All camera equipment should be water proofed, and it is recommended that you bring warm hat, gloves, socks and thermals. Water proof boots – either of warm weather variety, or just wellington boots etc are essential – you will get very wet at times on the RIB as we bounce along the wave tops, there is often a bit of splash back 🙂 Please bring waterproof suitcases if you can – or we can put them into waterproof containers when we make the crossing across the fjord on the RIB – the choice is yours 🙂


Will I need to spend much money when I am there?

All of the costs from evening 29th Nov to am 4th Dec will be included in the cost – if you have any drinks preferences, it is suggested that you bring these with you as there is no shop where we will be going 🙂 This is truly back to nature – but our hosts are french, so they serve wine and beer with the meal as people prefer 🙂

You will need to cover the cost of your flight to/from Tromso, and any other costs up until the meeting time.

Secure Your Place Now

There are only  6 places available on this retreat. 

The  2019 retreat is being launched at a special opening price of £3375 as an EARLY BIRD offer for bookings taken until the 22nd June 2019 

To secure your place all you need to do is click the button below and choose your payment option. 

We have opened this offer up to our waiting list and have had a lot of interest in this ground breaking event. 

If you are still wondering at this point if this is for you then by all means feel free to contact me at alice@empowering-success.co.uk and I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

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