How REsilient Are You?

(And how resilient is your team?)

Resilient Leadership is Successful Leadership

Everyone has strengths and areas which need a little work. Whether you are a leader, part of a team, or a volunteer, resilience is important to your success. When you strengthen your own resilience, there is a domino effect for the people around you. Since most good leaders lead by example, follow your leader to help you build those positive, “bounce-back” characteristics.

Regardless of your situation or your role, the resilience strategies can be used and shared to make everyone’s life easier. Your ability to bounce back makes a difference to everyone. Assess your situation and needs. Then apply the strategies that are most relevant to your specific needs in the immediate situation.


so how do you become more resilient as a leader?


Using our the resilient tools system, of which I am a Resilience Leadership Associate , you’ll log in to our coaching portal and define your aspirational goal.

You’ll assess yourself against the qualities of Resilient Leaders. 

You’ll receive an interactive profile charting your strengths and development areas, and assess your growth and development on a regular basis.

Through our virtual resilience leadership coaching, you’ll experience a series of engines –

  • a strength engine,
  • a challenge engine
  • and a feedback engine. 

Through analysis, you’ll discover what’s truly stopping you from achieving your success.

Unlike other resilence programmes, you’re able to see and track progress throughout your coaching. Your team can log into the online portal at any time you like. So, if your team wants to do this for 30 minutes in the afternoon they can. If they want to do it in the evening, they can. With the online portal you can access the training whenever is convenient.

Plus,  if you want 1-2-1 support to complement the digital aspect you can upgrade at any point.

Your Investment



Your Next Step



You’re ready to become the most resilient of leaders.

You’re ready to step up, gain clarity of direction and purpose.

You’re ready to join this


Select the option that fits your need, you’ll be taken to the checkout page. When you’ve made your payment you’ll be sent an invoice and your logins via email. Please check your junk/spam email in case they are sent there. As soon as you have these emails you can get started! In as little as 10 minutes you can have more clarity of direction, more purpose and more resilience! 

They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. The same applies to resilience leadership training and coaching. We can’t change what happened in the past, but together we can change your future so that you become the most resilient of leaders.

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