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Get inspired with Resilience Leadership Training & Empowering Success

Leadership Presentations/ Workshops

Leadership in Cyber and the Insider Threat

– Leadership in Counter-Insurgency

– Leadership in Counter-Terrorism 

– Leadership in Austere and Hostile Environments

– Resilient Leadership 

– Navigating Change – the critical role of the Leader

Team Development Workshops

Resilient Leadership Workshops (0.5 to 2.5 days)

– Developing Team culture, values and standards

– Inclusivity and Diversity 

– Gender Parity

– Intellectual Diversity – why teach people to think differently, when you can employ people that already do 🙂


Leadership & Resilience

Resilient Leadership Development Programme (RLDP) – Resilient Leadership Assessment

– Resilient Leadership Workshops (0.5 to 21 days)

– RLDP & 1-2-1 Coaching

– RLDP + Facebook group

Leadership Retreats

– Norway (29th Nov to 4th Dec 19)

– South Africa   (July 2019)

– India (tbc ) – Tiger orientated


Executive and team coaching for businesses wanting to grow:

£0-£100k (start- ups, small businesses that have plateaued )

£300 – £million (family businesses)

£5million – £100million (businesses going through merger & acquisitions, and growing rapidly)

>£billion  (established businesses, especially family owned, that are dealing with growing pains or incoherence within the executive team that is hampering growth)


Business Development

– 1 Day Business Review (inc option of Resilient Leadership assessment)

– Clarity of Direction – developing your business plan and road map 1 Day

– Firestarter – Setting up a Thriving Business

– Growing your business and your team – Business development plan, and getting clarity on who you need to hire, and their avatar.

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