The 4 Elements of Resilient Leadership

I see the business environment as like developing a family. As a leader, you have to create the right culture and environment for your business to thrive: you want a business focussed on output, focussed on looking after each other and focussed on effectiveness.

How resilient your leadership style is will impact on how well your business meets these key criteria. Would you want to create a family that functions well together, laughs often and is filled with joie de vivre – or a turbulent one, filled with drama and negative emotions?

By developing these four fundamental aspects of resilient leadership, you will help make sure that your business falls into the first camp.

Clarity of direction

People need to know where they’re going before they can start achieving their goals. By achieving deep focus on what you want to achieve and communicating this unified purpose to your team, everyone in your organisation will know where they are going, why they are going there and that you are determined to succeed.


 The best CEOs are aware of themselves, others and the environment. With international operations and multi-national workforces, diversity is appreciated and used to the benefit of all.

 Leadership presence

When leading a workforce that is spread across the globe, it’s crucial that your ‘presence’ can be felt when you’re not in the room. By developing your leadership persona and staying authentic to yourself, you can lead yourself and your team to produce the best results possible.

Resilient Decision Making

Well thought through, informed decisions are crucial for business success. With resilient decision making, logical decisions are made by the right people at the right time. Contingency options are also always available so black swan events can be dealt with appropriately.


If you’re interested in testing your own resilient leadership, why not check out our resilient leadership assessment tool here? Our online questionnaire covers all four fundamental aspects of resilient leadership and calculates which areas you’re strong in and in which could benefit from development.


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